Janet Starr

Janet Lynn Starr

T’ai Chi Chih Teacher
Accredited June 4th, 2004
Trained with…
Sept 2004 - Nov 2009 Sr Carletta LeCour (TX)
Sept 2013 - May 2016 Pia Roe (TX)
Feb 2016 - April 2016 Caroline Guilott (LA)
May 2016 - June 2016 Pam Towne (AZ & PA)

When I signed up for my first T’ai Chi Chih class at The Cenacle Retreat House in 2004, I thought that a moving meditation would help tame my scattered brain. It does do that and so very much more!

Some benefits are natural to observe like my posture is straighter and my joints are more comfortable when I move. Some benefits were astonishing like finally becoming a mother after five years trying to conceive. Some benefits are subtle like my stamina is even and challenges in life are easier to handle with a balanced response.

Learning how to open my heart to TRUST God more in how my body moves and ALLOW His Spirit to FLOW while letting go of the stress, anxiety and distractions of my mind has developed balance in my body, focus in my mind and deeper roots in my soul for His Breath of Life.

It is this graceful steady movement that brings me to stillness and unites my body, mind and soul into a wholeness that renews me to walk in the spirit of FAITH.

I am honored to share this journey with you and I pray that you will find Joy thru Movement with T’ai Chi Chih too.

Sincerely, Janet Starr
Accredited T’ai Chi Chih Teacher

“Thank you for your life!” - Justin F Stone, Originator of T’ai Chi Chih
I am planning to teach both a Beginner Class and an Intermediate Class.

The BEGINNER Class will be for those who are new or returning to T’ai Chi Chih, where we will learn the 19 movements and 1 pose…

• Rocking Motion
• Bird Flaps Its Wings
• Around the Platter
• Around the Platter Variation
• Bass Drum
• Daughter on the Mountaintop
• Daughter in the Valley
• Carry the Ball to the Side
• Push Pull
• Pulling in the Energy
• Pulling Taffy
• Pulling Taffy – Anchor Variation
• Pulling Taffy – Wrist Circles
• Pulling Taffy – Perpetual Motion
• Working the Pulley
• Light at the Top of the Head/Temple
• Joyous Breath
• Passing Clouds
• Six Healing Sounds
• Cosmic Consciousness Pose

The INTERMEDIATE Class will be for those who already know the movements and practice regularly, where we will concentrate on practicing with the Principles of How to Move…

• Flowing from the Center / moving from the T’an Tien
• Softness and Continuity / the effort of no effort
• Yinning and Yanging / shifting the weight correctly
• Focusing on the soles of the feet / grounding
• Circularity / in T’ai Chi Chih, as in nature, energy flows in circular patterns
• Polarity / Yin – Yang energy between the palms when the hands face each other

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